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    So, Glitter Pumpkin Butts Are A Trend Now And They’re Kind Of Spectacular

    'Tis the season, you know?

    Hello good people of the internet. In case you haven't been keeping up with what's currently ~on trend~, then let me be the first to tell you that people are painting sparkly pumpkins on their butt in celebration of Halloween.

    Apple / BuzzFeed

    Instagram user @gogetglitter was the first to make people LOL when they posted this image to their account, which is honestly impressive. I mean, look at that SHADING detail.

    Here's another pumpkin masterfully painted on this derrière.

    To be honest, it seems like glitter booties were a thing before — but this is just a seasonal twist.

    Yup. So, there you have it. Creative? Yes. A costume? Maybe. Anyways, happy October!!!!!!

    H/T Marie Claire