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    Just 28 Funny Tweets About Being A Dog Person

    "Cool date idea: Bring your dog to my house...then leave."

    1. When you attempt to capture the perfect picture:

    2. When you're not actually kidding:

    3. When you welcome them with open arms:

    4. When this is a completely normal annual event for you:

    5. When you just really miss them:

    6. When your obsession is passed down to your children:

    7. When you've made this honest mistake:

    8. When you know you have a problem:

    9. When Jack Johnson was all of us:

    10. When you completely agreed with this statement:

    11. When you realize this is why you go to social gatherings:

    12. When you're looking for someone to speak your language:

    13. When you receive an unexpected surprise:

    14. When you wished for genuine affection:

    15. When you actually don't mind this struggle:

    16. When you wish you could teach your dog new tricks:

    17. When your heart just can't take it:

    18. When other dog people just *get* you:

    19. When your work area is a shrine to your beloved:

    20. When you know deep down that your dog is the best:

    21. When you become very invested in fictional dogs:

    22. When you try to contain your dog-loving enthusiasm:

    23. When you've found *the one*:

    24. When you read between the lines:

    25. When Snapchat fills your dog-less void:

    26. When you miss the good times:

    27. When you deeply respect other dogs' opinions of you:

    28. And finally, when you *know* true love: