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31 Photos That'll Make Every Nurse Laugh Out Loud

It's very humerus.

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1. When you want to make sure your lunch doesn't get stolen:

lacefacex25x / Via

2. When it all becomes too much:

3. When you spend too much time analyzing poo:

hannahelizabethwaumsley / Via

4. When you're a night nurse getting off work:

ournurselife / Via

5. When you a little too familiar with your roles:

urami86 / Via

6. When you give your patient the other option:

only_wum / Via

7. When you're still gathering all the facts:

medicalscrubscollection / Via

8. When your job is a little bit easier:

mssaigon73 / Via

9. When you're nearing the end of work:

10. When you have to ask the hard questions:

alexandrapeia / Via

11. When you make a good pun:

marilove1980 / Via

12. And when your teachers live for puns:

schwambomb / Via

13. When you know the worst day of the month:

tiffany_the_rn / Via

14. When this happens:

15. When you feel like you have no freedom:

beth92_ / Via

16. When you're trying to figure it all out:

schweetlifeofkelly / Via

17. When you find humor in Snapchat filters:

foodiebutfit / Via

18. When you run into the same problem time and time again:

07pattycakes07 / Via

19. When you put a new twist on poo humor:

amberstarr13 / Via

20. When you channel your inner Red Ranger:

07pattycakes07 / Via

21. When typical words take on another meaning:

sisserdoc / Via

22. When you finally earn a compliment:

schweetlifeofkelly / Via

23. When you lay it all out there:

quitefranklyyy / Via

24. When you show off:

medjobbers / Via

25. When you receive unwelcome opinions:

schweetlifeofkelly / Via

26. When you kill romance:

jaxattack59 / Via

27. When you hear people who work nine-to-five jobs rubbing it in:

schweetlifeofkelly / Via

28. When you have to remind patients you are not a maid:

dr_quinn83 / Via

29. When you make a rookie mistake:

schweetlifeofkelly / Via

30. When you cause this unfortunate scenario:

dr_quinn83 / Via

31. And finally, when your job isn't what people expect:

humor_nurse / Via

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