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    19 Funny Tweets About Netflix That Are Way Too Real

    "My girl has my location shared and I promised her I was gonna go to the gym more so now I just sit here and watch Netflix.”


    Netflix: Should I play this movie? Me: No no I'm just looking at it for a second Netflix: I'll put it on Me: I'm just literally reading what it is Netflix: It's playing :)


    netflix: are you still there me: am i


    Netflix: this movie is about a 21 year old girl working her dream job with the WaPo me: something a little more REALISTIC PLS Netflix: this movie is about a 15 year old girl who finds out she's the princess of a fictitious country & Julie Andrews is her grandmother me: PERFECT



    this is deadass me when im starving but I'm waiting for netflix to load so i can eat while watching my show


    me looking at myself on the black screen in between netflix episodes


    this guy was just sitting on the floor of the gym on his phone and he looks up at me and goes “my girl has my location shared and i promised her i was gonna go to the gym more so now i just sit here and watch netflix” LMAOOOOO


    How I significantly improved my Netflix


    every documentary on netflix is called “Overgrown: How all food actually Kills You” and the cover is a corn cob with a grenade pin in it


    me: i wanna have a chill and peaceful day today netflix: the ted bundy tapes is now available me:


    my notes app be like: grocery list future baby names netflix password depressing quotes FAFSA ID random sushi order


    Them: *unfollows me, blocks me, deletes our pictures, deletes my number, deletes our text thread* Me: Idgaf! Them: *changes Netflix password* Me:


    When Netflix asks you if you're still watching & it's kind of like "wow I thought this was a safe space"


    Netflix: Are you still there? me:


    *friend cancels plans* *me continuing to watch Netflix because I never actually started getting ready in the first place*


    The “Netflix and chill” phrase was created when Netflix was trash. Now tho? You betta get the hell off me! This Netflix exclusive starting to heat up!


    him: I think we should see other people me: is that on hulu or netflix


    Netflix and c…. ….uddle on the sofa cause it’s been a hard day and your arms feel like home


    *me at 3am* my brain: Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Me: *opens Netflix

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