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JoJo Siwa Bought A New House And While There Is Candy In Every Room, It's Classier Than I Expected


You might know JoJo Siwa: side ponytail wearin', big bow sportin' YouTuber and entertainer. Also, she owns a car with her face all over it. Casual!

Anyway, last year we got a sneak peek of the inside of JoJo's home, and it was absolutely what you might expect from the rainbow-lovin', glitter-obsessed 16-year-old. But recently, she moved...


It's nice, right? In a recent YouTube video, JoJo took us on a little tour of her home. And honestly, it wasn't really what I expected it to be!

When we first walk into her home (which she shares with her mom, dad, and brother, by the way) we see a TON of mannequins sporting some of her most iconic ~lewks~ over the years. Also, there's a beautiful grand piano.

In typical JoJo fashion, her home contains a candy bar filled with things like Pixy Stix, SweeTarts, gummy bears, Hubba Bubba gum, Airheads, M&M's, and more. Because, why not?!

She also has these colorful spinning chairs, which she says were a gift from Nickelodeon.

Anyway, she also has a "7-Eleven" station, which hosts machinery for, well, everything you'd find at the convenience store!

We're then taken to another part of the house where JoJo shares her shelf full of JoJo juice. When I googled what exactly is in JoJo juice, I discovered it's an apple-flavored beverage with some vitamins that contains only 20% juice. Sounds good enough!

I was shocked to see that JoJo's pantry seemed similar to a college student's nutritional intake, complete with Campbell's soup, ramen, and sugary cereal. YUM.

In another room, JoJo shows off her...merch closet/storage center? It's basically rows and rows and ROWS of JoJo merch. Like, SO MUCH MERCH.

Now, this is the part of the tour where I was genuinely surprised. Like, look how nice this kitchen is! It's chic. Those floors! That stainless steel! I thought for sure it'd be either painted pink or rainbow.

But, of course, the kitchen island is filled with sweets!!!!!!

In the next room, JoJo shows us her giant pool table... well as — you guessed it! — MORE CANDY.

While the dining room is painted pink, it's like...a very classy color? And the chandelier and velvet black chairs really complete the whole look???? Is this JoJo's impact, or her mom's?!

The living room is super chic, too. The white couch is accented with light pink pillows and blankets. A nice touch!

As you would expect, her home has a pool...

...a basketball court...

...and a foosball table. The lounge area has a bold blue and hot pink color scheme, which seems very on brand for JoJo.

There's also a TON of space in the backyard. For activities!

Anyway, that's it! JoJo said she'll do a room tour when the upstairs is ready, and I'm just waiting to see if it's as ~wild and crazy~ as her last room. CONGRATS, JOJO AND FAM!