Easter Eggs, High School Classmates, Taylor Swift Songs, And Other Behind-The-Scenes Facts From "The Summer I Turned Pretty"

    "The Summer I Turned Pretty is about a girl's life told in summers, and so TV made the most sense."

    We had the opportunity to chat with Jenny Han (author and creator of The Summer I Turned Pretty series) and Lola Tung (as Belly Conklin) in an exclusive interview where they discussed everything from the virtual audition process to bonding on set with fellow actors to the incredible soundtrack on the show.

    1. Jenny Han is the author of these books, but she's also the creator of this television series, and she revealed she'd always wanted to write for TV.

    2. The Summer I Turned Pretty was Lola Tung's first real TV audition.

    3. And it's truly a small world, because two other cast members from the show also went to the same high school as Lola.

    4. Jenny also walked us through the soundtrack of this show — specifically the process of landing some truly fantastic Taylor Swift songs.

    5. One of Lola's favorite scenes to film was the one where Belly encounters Conrad after she gets home from her date.

    6. Jenny doesn't enjoy being on camera, but she decided to film a cameo after fans kept asking if she would ever do another one.

    7. Lola was a big fan of the To All the Boys movies, and she read The Summer I Turned Pretty once she was cast.

    8. Lola had the opportunity to read the audiobook for The Summer I Turned Pretty and said the process was a lot of fun.

    9. There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Easter egg in the series: a glass unicorn!

    10. Lola spent two weeks bonding with Chris Briney and Gavin Casalegno before the first day on set and recalled that the time helped create those big, emotional moments for Belly.

    11. And the cast and crew celebrated Lola's 19th birthday on set!

    12. The final scenes of the last episode were very emotional and moving, and Jenny revealed that even she was crying on set.

    13. And finally, Jenny and Lola revealed that to pass the time on set, the cast participated in game nights, beach picnics, and baseball games!

    You can watch The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video now!