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    18 Items You Can Buy Where 100% Of Proceeds Go To Human Rights Organizations

    Your purchase goes to supporting places like RAICES and KIND.

    The following shops' merchandise will provide 100% of sales toward organizations and charities that support human rights, immigration, and refugee assistance, such as RAICES, KIND, ACLU, and more.

    1. "Keep Families Together" tee.

    2. "Share The Love" iron-on patch.

    3. "When They Go Low We Go High" decal.

    4. "How To Explain This" tee.

    5. Earth Surprise bath bombs.

    6. "Power to the Peaceful" shirt:

    7. "Love Radically" stamped silver spoon.

    8. "Together Is Better" tee.

    9. "Keep Families Together" wall art.

    10. "My Friends" magnetic blocks.

    11. "Together We Can Do This" tee.

    12. "We're All Human" embroidery pattern.

    13. This 8 x 10 peace print.

    14. "Keep Families Together" tank.

    15. "Families Belong Together" bumper sticker.

    16. "Families Belong Together" pin or magnet.

    17. This flowers for family patch.

    18. And finally, these "Actually, I Do Care" tees.