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    19 Instagram Travel Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

    Take note before your next trip.

    1. Zip outfits in space saving bags to not only save space, but to prevent your clothes from any accidental liquid leaks.

    2. Create your own TV with your cell phone if your flight doesn't have one.

    3. If you're flying, bring an empty water bottle through security. Some airports provide water stations where you can fill up.

    4. Use an extra glasses case to prevent cords from tangling in your bag.

    5. You can also use binder clips for the same purpose.

    6. Pack shoes in a shower cap so they don't get your clothes dirty.

    7. If you paint your nails before a vacation, always go with a lighter color.

    8. When in doubt, go left.

    9. Fill extra contact cases with your expensive creams to save space.

    10. If you plan on doing a lot of shopping, pack a smaller suitcase inside of a bigger suitcase.

    11. Pack all your vitamins into a small bottle instead of bringing multiple bulky containers.

    12. Use crafting boxes as an easy way to carry multiple snacks.

    13. To get the best deal on a flight, browse through your options on a Tuesday.

    14. Use an empty Tic Tac container as a way to protect your toothbrush.

    15. If you forget your wall charger piece, use the USB plug on the back of a TV as a way to charge your phone.

    16. Save free samples to use when you travel since they barely take up any room.

    17. Prevent accidents by wrapping breakable items in your socks.

    18. Meal prep before your vacation to save money on eating out every day.

    19. And keep things smelling fresh by putting those little hotel soaps to use in your suitcase.