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    23 Overrated Foods Tourists Eat In Other Countries And 23 Underrated Dishes You Should Try Instead

    Sweden is more than just meatballs, people!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what dish in your country is popular among tourists, and which underrated meal they need to try. Here's what the locals had to say!

    1. In Sweden, don't just try the meatballs. Also get a taste of skagenröra.

    k_h_d_wong / Via, malinsgolden / Via

    "Everyone comes to Sweden for the meatballs, but try skagenröra instead. It's this delicious creamy shrimp salad that's flavored with lemon and dill and usually served on a baked potato. I'm not a big fan of shrimp, but I love skagenröra."


    2. In Mexico, the tacos are popular for a reason. But you won't want to skip over pozole.

    moessweettreats / Via, 40yearolevegan / Via

    "I know that Mexico is known for tacos, but pozole is sooo good." —danaef409c2ce81

    Editor's note: Pozole is a Mexican soup typically garnished with lettuce or cabbage, peppers, onion, garlic, avocado, salsa and limes.

    3. In England, bangers and mash is a popular dish, but you should also try toad in the hole.

    @robertchohan / Via, @weerascal / Via Instagram: @weerascal

    "Try toad in the hole! Much better than a bog standard English roast or bangers and mash."


    Editor's note: Toad in the hole is made with Yorkshire pudding batter and sausages typically served with onion gravy and vegetables.

    4. In Italy, don't only eat pizza and pasta. Also try sardine dishes.

    kath.cooks / Via, ka____wr / Via

    "In Italy, everyone wants to eat pizza and pasta, but you CANNOT LEAVE without trying a sardine dish, whether it's fried, grilled, or served cold with sauerkraut and polenta. It's amazing!"


    5. In New York, don't only stick to the widely popular cheesecake and pizza. Also try garbage plates and chicken riggies.

    tomatopiepizzajoint / Via, gorman_eng / Via

    "People think New York is all about the cheesecake or pizza, but if you venture further north you have to try garbage plates or chicken riggies."


    Editor's note: Garbage plates are an enormous plate of different foods mixed together: fries, gravy, meats, pasta, or sauces.

    6. In Singapore, black pepper crab and Hainanese chicken rice are popular, but don't forget to try laksa, prawn mee, and crispy roasted pork rice.

    ninaluu / Via, mark_white_001 / Via

    "Don’t just come to Singapore for chilli crab, black pepper crab, and Hainanese chicken rice. They are so overrated and are the only things I hear tourists talk about. Try local favorites like laksa, prawn mee, and crispy roasted pork rice."


    7. In Philadelphia, people flock to the cheesesteak, but you also need to try the Italian pulled pork.

    onehungrywife / Via, mr._mckee / Via

    "Philadelphia is widely known for the cheesesteak, but it’s truly all about the Italian pulled pork with sharp provolone."


    8. In Malaysia, don't only try nasi kerabu and nasi lemak. Also get a taste of nasi minyak.

    nasikerabumeletopp / Via, aishahjaafar21 / Via

    "The most popular local dishes in Malaysia are nasi kerabu and nasi lemak, but nasi minyak is also a Malaysian favorite, which is typically served during festive seasons or weddings. I pretty much only attend weddings just to grab the chance to enjoy this delicious meal!" —syafinaz2108

    9. In Spain, don't only try the paella. Also try a cocido madrileño.

    azenelpo / Via, madrilena_disfrutona / Via

    "In Spain, people usually come to try paella, but I assure you that you don't fully experience Spanish cuisine if you leave without having a cocido madrileño. For starters, you are served a soup and after you've finished it, you are put in front of a tray full of meat, a bowl of chickpeas, and sometimes cabbage. It's delicious!"


    10. In India, don't stick to chicken curries, naan, and biryani. Also try street food like pani puri and vada pav.

    misfit_steph / Via, baba.foodie / Via

    "When visiting India, don’t only go for chicken curries, naan, and biryani. Try street food such like pani puri, (crispy fried cups with sauces, potatoes, sprouts, etc.) vada pav, (potato patty in between buns) and desserts such as rasmalai and barfi. Also try south India food like dosa (thin pancake made from rice flour) and idli (steamed rice cake) with sambar and chutneys. Definitely try regional cuisines, like fish fry and fish curry on the Konkan coast. You will not regret it!"


    11. In Egypt, don't only try koshary. Molokhia is also worth tasting.

    king_of_koshary / Via, reems_kitchenette / Via

    "Koshary might be the national dish of Egypt, but you really need to try molokhia and Egyptian-style moussaka."


    12. In Australia, pavlova is worth trying, but also try the Bunnings sausage sizzle.

    saieii / Via, hoxtonhowl / Via Instagram: @

    "In Australia, come for the pavlova but stay for the Bunnings sausage sizzle."


    13. In Romania, don't just sample a taste of sarmale. It's also worth trying Joffre cake and pleşcavița.

    yubakavideo / Via, plescavitavan / Via

    "Everyone who visits Romania has sarmale, but because it's made with sauerkraut it's not everyone's cup of tea. Hell, even I don't like them, and I'm Romanian! But nobody tries Joffre cake. It's a delicious, chocolatey cake that was invented especially for French Marshal Joffre's visit after World War I. If you're in Western Romania around the Serbian border, you should try pleşcavița. It's like a hamburger, but bigger and better. It has cabbage instead of lettuce, onions, ketchup, mustard and mayo, and the patty is thinner and seasoned in such a way that's to die for. Oh, also, the french fries are inside of it instead of served on the side."


    14. In Boston, don't only try Boston cream pie, but also get a taste of the local seafood.

    ad4m500 / Via, enobytes / Via

    "I’m from the Boston, Massachusetts area, and tourists always ask about foods with Boston in their name: Boston baked beans and Boston cream pie — neither of which are commonly eaten. Seriously, try some local oysters or basically any local seafood. Don't forget to taste Irish soda bread, local wild blueberries, and local maple candy!"


    15. In Russia, don't only stick to blinis, pelmenis, and borscht. Also try rassolnik.

    henrietteelsbak / Via, dr.emreotlu / Via

    "While everybody tries blinis, pelmenis, and borscht while visiting Russia, I really suggest you try rassolnik. It’s a filling hangover soup that can be made from whatever is on hand, but the essential ingredients are pickle juice, (AKA rassol) pickled cucumbers, bologna sausage or kidneys, pearl barley, and potatoes. Believe me, it’s the best savory soup!" —redipslaicos

    16. In the Netherlands, poffertjes are common among tourists, but you also need to try pannekoeken. / Via, pauladijkhuis / Via

    "In the Netherlands, we have pannekoeken (pancakes) that we usually eat for dinner. You can spread jam, stroop (syrup), or sugar on them. It's also possible to bake them with bacon, cheese, or apple for a different taste. Roll them up, cut them into little pieces, and enjoy! They're much better than the touristy poffertjes!" —dominiquevoogt

    17. In Portugal, don't only try bacalhau. Also get a taste of chouriço assado, moelas, and pica-pau.

    receitas_deliciosas_0 / Via, pitadadoprado / Via

    "In Portugal, people tend to go for the typical bacalhau (salted codfish). It is indeed very good, but I would recommend going to typical restaurants in downtown Lisbon and trying smaller plates, which we call petiscos. Try chouriço assado, moelas, and pica-pau. It's all good!"


    18. In Prince Edward Island, Canada, don't only try lobster or lobster rolls. Also try bar clams.

    rimdelights / Via, gingerfitt15 / Via

    "Prince Edward Island, Canada is known for its lobster (lobster roll anyone?) and potatoes. It's not called the Idaho of Canada for nothing. You have to try bar clams — they're amazing at La Factorie in Wellington."


    19. In the Philippines, adobo and halo-halo are well-known among tourists, but don't miss out on Filipino spaghetti.

    princesszyeth / Via, mateburgertruck / Via

    "The Philippines is known for our adobo and halo-halo, but the Filipino version of spaghetti is something you don't want to miss out on." —veronicakatel

    20. In Peru, ceviche and lomo saltado are popular and worth trying. But also try tacu tacu.

    lolasperuvianrestaurant / Via, robertofunkdrummer / Via

    "Peruvian here! Though both ceviche and lomo saltado are amazing, most people tend to skip over tacu tacu. It’s actually one of the best dishes ever, sort of like our comfort food. It's a fried bean and rice tortilla with beef, fried plantains, and eggs on top." —alexhhx

    21. In Venezuela, arepas and empanadas are excellent. It's also worth trying cachapas.

    flylife / Via, Gaby M. / Via

    "Everybody tells you that if you are in Venezuela, you need to eat arepas and empanadas, but they underrate cachapas." —valleryg2

    22. In Indonesia, nasi goreng and chicken satay are popular, but don't forget to try soto padang and oxtail soup.

    sookiezday / Via, bonuna_ / Via

    "Most people would recommend nasi goreng or chicken satay, but there are so many other Indonesian dishes that are bomb. We have amazing soups, like soto padang and oxtail soup."


    23. In Poland, don't just eat pierogis. Also try żurek and botwinka.

    carlostaste / Via, nietylkopastapl / Via

    "In Poland, definitely try żurek (a soup served with sausages and eggs that's sometimes inside a small bread loaf) instead of pierogi! I think it's the most Polish dish, and it's so tasty! Also, botwinka is worth trying. It's a soup made of young beetroots, usually served with an egg. Soups are great in Poland, but if you necessarily need to have pierogi, order ruskie. They're filled with potatoes and cottage cheese. It might not sound very conventional, but it is very tasty."


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