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15 Images From 20 Years Ago All '90s Kids Can Still Practically Smell

Who could forget the smell of Cabbage Patch Kids?

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1. The sickly, sugary scent of Fruit Stripe gum:

S1mthi / Via

2. The cheesy, meaty, sodium-filled scent of a Kid Cuisine meal:

mlgnoob12 / Via

3. The fruity, orangey, cleansing smell of L'Oréal Kids:

4. The syrupy, fragrant scent of pouring Mr. Bubble into your tub:

frugalera / Via

5. The ambrosial, perfumed scent of slathering on Teen Spirit:

gameboy3000_99_7 / Via

6. The gluey, putty-scented smell of Gak:

7. The sweet, sweet baby powder scent of Cabbage Patch Kids:

hustleandthrift / Via

8. The plasticky, sorta sweaty scent of a school bus:

splooge_spaghetti / Via

9. The slightly charred, plastic scent of Creepy Crawlers:

mwire / Via

10. The lingering, chemically smell of Aqua Net:

11. The powerful, oddly accurate scent of Mr. Sketch markers:

12. The very, very plasticky smell of Barbie shoes:

13. The fresh scent of paper in a Little Golden Book:

14. The waxy, perfumed aroma of Crayola's Magic Scent crayons:

15. And finally, the powdery, sweet scent of colorful Play-Doh:

jennaflores / Via

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