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    People Shared Their Best IKEA Furniture Hacks And They Look Incredible

    Amazed by these before and afters!

    1. This updated shelf space:

    2. This expensive-looking faux marble:

    3. This genius bar hack:

    4. This nifty hidden litter box bench:

    5. This beautiful, elevated dresser:

    6. This incredible Mario-inspired storage shelf:

    7. This diaper changing table with tons of storage:

    8. This not-so-basic coffee table:

    9. This amazing mid-century dresser hack:

    10. This cost-effective towel rack project:

    11. This phenomenal cabinet transformation:

    12. This rad entertainment unit:

    13. This rustic-looking customized dresser:

    14. This updated record unit:

    15. This crafty entertainment center:

    16. This ranch-style bed frame upgrade:

    17. And finally, this jaw-dropping children's bedroom castle:

    H/T r/ikeahacks