18 People Shared Their Most Creative Ikea Furniture Upgrades That They DIY'd

    Just call me Bob the Builder.

    1. This incredible bar hack made mostly from Ikea's Bestå series.

    2. This entryway organizer made from Bekvåm spice racks.

    3. This built-in wardrobe made from Ikea's Pax series.

    4. This professional-looking office and desk created from many Ikea products, including Malm, Karlby, and Kallax.

    5. This stylish vinyl cabinet made from an Ikea Bestå 2x2.

    6. This beautiful cabinet hack from the Ivar series.

    7. This very upgraded dresser hack made from Ikea's Tarva series.

    8. This farmhouse coffee table made from Ikea's Lack series.

    9. This luxury armchair hack made from Ikea's Koarp chair.

    10. This gorgeous upgrade made from Ikea's Rast dresser.

    11. This chic barstool upgrade made from Ikea's Dalfred series.

    12. This modern upgrade made with Ikea's Tarva dresser.

    13. This mesmerizing toy kitchen makeover made with Ikea's Duktig set.

    14. This cute and creative way to spruce up an Ikea Vittsjö desk.

    15. This incredible sliding bookcase that leads to a secret closet made with Ikea's Bestä shelves.

    16. This sleek-looking upgrade made from Ikea's Eket series.

    17. This incredible beach shack bunk bed made from Ikea's Kura bed.

    18. And finally, this classy dresser hack made from Ikea's Kallax unit.

    H/T: r/IKEAhacks

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