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    I Tried A Ton Of Eco-Friendly Products In 2019, And Here Are My Favorites I'll Keep Using In 2020

    Your new favorite tried and tested earth-friendly hygiene, skincare, and makeup products!

    If one of your 2020 goals is to use more eco-friendly products and less plastic, then you, my friend, are in luck. I used a variety of different products in 2019 and want to share my faves with you. Even if you only switch out one of your plastic products for a more earth-friendly one, you're already on the right track!

    1. Meow Meow Tweet's tea tree and charcoal facial wash, a solid face wash that'll detox your skin while helping to prevent breakouts.

    2. Daily Dry Shampoo, a different way to use dry shampoo that'll still help cut that greasy look.

    3. Reusable pads to use instead of disposable ones, and Loli Beauty's toner that is incredibly gentle on sensitive skin.

    4. Terra Ties' biodegradable hair ties, a solution to getting your hair out of your face without harming the earth.

    5. Antonym Cosmetics' baked highlighting blush, a peachy blush that will give your cheeks a beautiful shimmer.

    6. Elate's Refresh Fresh Tint foundation, a lightweight formula for your face that lasts.

    7. Lush's Roots hair and scalp treatment, a hair mask that will make fine, thin hair shiny and voluminous.

    8. Thinx period underwear, a better solution for reducing menstrual waste for people who have periods.

    Those were my favorite products of 2019, and I'm excited to try out more in 2020. Let me know your favorite eco-friendly product in the comments below!