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Tell Us The Smartest Way You Saved Money Once Your First Baby Came Along

Tell us all your money-saving secrets!

There's something magical about being a new parent. While you get excited about buying all the baby things, the hit to your bank account isn't exactly super fun. However, there are smart ways to save that you probably haven't heard of!

For example, maybe you've heard of local studies that are doing clinical research that provide diapers, food, or clothes for free in exchange for a review.

Or maybe you realized it's not uncommon to ask your pediatrician for samples for formula or ointments before leaving an appointment.

Or maybe you have a super thrifty way of couponing that gives you all the steals and deals.

Parents, we want to know your secrets! What’s the best way that you saved money with a newborn? Tell us below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post and/or video.