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    15 Tweets Only Call Center Employees Could Understand On A Deep Level

    There really is nothing more satisfying then "accidentally" hanging up on someone.

    1. When you're just trying to get through the day:

    2. And when you have that one, shining moment of entertainment throughout the day:

    3. When a customer gets frustrated and it takes everything in your power not to pull out your claws:

    4. But some days feel like a REAL uphill struggle:

    5. When you tell them you TRULY care about their problem but when they hang up you're like:

    6. Or when their tone is rude and hostile before you even say hello:

    7. When they try and tell you how to do your job:

    8. But you get a tiny silver of satisfaction over a disconnected call:

    9. When a customer takes it from zero to creepy real quick:

    10. And when you wonder why you even bother with the pleasantries of goodbyes:

    11. When you're having a particularly terrible day on the phones and you can't hold it in anymore:

    12. And when customers expect you to fix everything in 0.25 seconds:

    13. When you have to try your hardest to hold your inner most thoughts:

    14. And TBH, you've mastered the art of making this face:

    15. But at the end of the day, at least you can walk out of there knowing you've learned one valuable life lesson: