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Just 15 Really Funny Tumblr Posts About Being A Dog Person

Me when I see a puppy: "aw lil baby." Me when I see a human infant: "ew."

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1. When they correctly portrayed the process of remembering important dates.

2. When they perfectly depicted day-to-day interactions.

3. When they explained the universal experience every dog owner can relate to.

4. When they explained the lengths you'll go for your fur child.

5. When they captured what it means to spend too much time with your beloved.

6. When they properly explained the nature of these precious, lovable fur babies.

7. When they said what everyone else around you was thinking.

8. When they gave a very accurate answer to this common question.

9. When they were completely honest about dogs versus humans.

10. When they correctly displayed the lengths we'd go to for puppy love.

11. When they were able to explain this joyous experience.

12. When they nailed what we all do in our free time.

13. When they explained the true nature of dogs' personalities.

14. When they were all of us laughing at the sweet, innocent confusion of our fur children.

15. And finally, when they accurately summed up why it just won't work.

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