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15 Signs That Have No Right To Be This Funny

"Wash your hands like you just ate buffalo wings and are about to put on a wedding dress."

1. This unfortunate mistake:

Hmmm from funnysigns

2. This wild warning:

[ interesting title ] from funnysigns

3. This funny but true statement:

Well... from funnysigns

4. This very good point:

When you put it like that .... from funnysigns

5. This unintentional advisory:

Joke's on you, I am unemployed from funnysigns

6. This positive point of view:

my one true love <3 from funnysigns

7. This message that sums up this year:

Heard from funnysigns

8. This aggressive sale:

50% F*** off! from engrish

9. This fed-up warning:

While on a drive today... from funnysigns

10. This creative message:

The Karen Spot from funnysigns

11. This advanced technology:

Earthquake Detection Kit from funnysigns

12. This out-of-order message:

Like, just be careful guys from funnysigns

13. This warning of what's to come on May 1:

Strip clubs Quarantined sign from funnysigns

14. This person who did the very least:

Well That's A Good Way from funnysigns

15. And finally, this safety first message:

Images you can hear from funnysigns

h/t r/funnysigns

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