How does Lea Michele have glamorous skin ALL THE TIME? I talked to her to find out!

Farrah Penn • One day ago

"The guy inside must have forgotten to press the lock button because the door starts sliding open, exposing the poo-ing individual to at least 50 people who were crammed onto the train."

Farrah Penn • 2 days ago


Farrah Penn • 3 days ago

Sorry. It's true. Just, like, don't be the worst?

Farrah Penn • 4 days ago

When there is no more toilet paper in a public bathroom and you have to drip dry.

Farrah Penn • 4 days ago

Hi! Welcome to Wappletrees. Today, YOU'RE THE SERVER. Good luck.

Farrah Penn • 4 days ago

It's science.

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Farrah Penn • 8 days ago

"Bet I was the only constituent at my polling place to slap an 'I voted' sticker on each tit without breaking eye contact with the old guy manning the table."

Farrah Penn • 9 days ago

They're books about the size of your hand and were popularized as "dwarsligger" in the Netherlands.

Farrah Penn • 9 days ago

The magic's in the breakfast.

Farrah Penn • 10 days ago

Culver's, baby!

Farrah Penn • 12 days ago

Sass or class?

Farrah Penn • 13 days ago

Janet's costume was inspired by stewardess's uniforms.

Christopher Hudspeth • 5 days ago

The magic is in the details!

Farrah Penn • 15 days ago

Two words: cardboard applicators.

Farrah Penn • 16 days ago

*Goes to read outside and immediately starts sweating under the sun.*

Farrah Penn • 16 days ago

"Some lady dressed as Catwoman is walking around our Halloween party just knocking drinks off tables."

Farrah Penn • 16 days ago

"Sure enough, within ten minutes, the client slumps over having fainted...and then proceeds to violently shit his pants."

Farrah Penn • 18 days ago


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