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    Here's Why "Pepper Ann" Was The Most Underrated Cartoon From Your Childhood


    1. First of all, Pepper Ann was a feminist icon before her time.

    2. And she was never afraid to speak her mind.

    3. Her sister Moose was never afraid to be ~real~.

    4. And she defied the typical female gender stereotypes with her ambiguous appearance and love for skateboarding.

    5. Plus, she knew how to serve up the wittiest insults without saying a word.

    6. Pepper Ann's mom portrayed the realities of a single working mother...

    7. ...yet unabashedly embarrassed her daughter, as IRL moms tend to do.

    8. However, she totally earned cool points by religiously having taco night.

    9. She gave the best motherly advice...

    10. ...but she could whip out the sass master card when needed.

    11. Her BFFs Nicky and Milo were the epitome of friendship.

    12. They were always open and honest with each other.

    13. And they always had clever insights.

    14. Plus, Milo and Pepper Ann proved that the opposite sex could be friends without any romance.

    15. And bless Nicky for being an old soul.

    16. She was forever wise beyond her years...

    17. ...always trying to culture her friends.

    18. Srsly, this trio was the original #SquadGoals.

    19. Her mega crush on Craig Bean was relatable to tweens everywhere...

    20. ...probably because he looked like the sexy Eric Matthews.

    21. I mean, he did have MAD guitar skills.

    22. And much like Lizzie McGuire, Pepper Ann internalized conflicts through a visual thought process.

    23. And she always imagined herself as a BAMF in her own daydreams.

    24. Plus, the voice of Pepper Ann was also the immaculate Liz Danes from Gilmore Girls.

    And that in and of itself is enough reason to watch.

    25. But most importantly of all, Pepper Ann had the BEST theme song of all time.

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    Hands down.