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    We Asked A “Game Of Thrones” Writer A Bunch Of Questions And His Answers Will Make You LOL And Say, "Wow!"

    "I want to give our actors and actresses scenes that match their high level of talent."

    Now that Game of Thrones Season 7 (and winter) is here, we wanted to get some ~inside~ info on what it's like writing for the most popular show on television.

    So, BuzzFeed caught up with Dave Hill, a writer on Game of Thrones who's been with HBO's landmark show since 2012.

    1. How many writers are there total?

    2. Do you have any traditions or rituals you go through before sitting down to write?

    3. Do you do anything in particular to get your creative juices flowing before going to work?

    4. Do you let actors know before they get a script that kills their character off?

    5. How has the way you work and write changed now that you’re all off book?

    6. What is the writers room like? Does the tone and mood differ each episode?

    7. How many hours a day and/or days a week are you writing?

    8. Any particular snacks or drinks you always like to have?

    9. What is the coolest part about this job for you?

    10. Is there any specific part of the job you do that would surprise people?

    11. Who is in charge of keeping track of all the “lore” so you get it right while writing out an episode?

    12. Do the writers get to visit set/travel for the show? If so, where is the coolest place you've traveled?

    13. Since, in TV, writers usually get to visit set when THEIR episode is being filmed, how does it work with Game of Thrones? I’ve heard you guys “block shoot.”

    14. Does it drive you crazy writing plot in the internet era, where online detectives are constantly theorizing your next move?

    15. What's your most awkward "someone cornered me at a party and asked me about spoilers" story?

    16. Why doesn’t Daenerys have violet-colored eyes on the show?

    17. Is there something from the books that didn’t make it into the show that you wish HAD made it into the show?

    18. Who is your favorite character to write for?

    19. Who is the hardest character to write for?

    20. Is there any actor who stays in character the entire time on set?

    21. Have you witnessed any good pranks or heard any good prank stories from set?

    22. What's your fondest memory from set?

    23. Which characters would you like to see have a spinoff show?

    24. I know George R.R. Martin told Benioff and Weiss how it “all ends,” but do any of the other writers (or you) know?

    25. Which character was the saddest to kill off?

    26. Are there any dead characters who almost DIDN’T get killed off?

    27. What's the CRAZIEST fan theory you’ve heard?

    28. What fan theory out there about the upcoming season is 100% wrong?

    29. Which storyline do you enjoy writing the most?

    30. If you could write for any other show that isn't Game of Thrones, what would it be?

    31. Fuck, Marry, Kill: Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Jaime Lannister.