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    Here Is An Easy Way To Hack The Oh-So-Pretty Holographic Nails Trend

    It's Instafab.

    The ~holographic~ nail trend has been all over Instagram for some time, and it's honestly mesmerizing.

    This look typically requires a gel polish and a UV machine, but a lot of people have hacked the process by using gel nail polish. I decided to try it for myself to see if I could DIY the same look!

    Here are the three things you'll need to achieve the holographic result:

    First, I applied the base color and let it dry completely.

    *I don't know why the brush bristles were a bit wonky coming out of the brand new bottle, to be honest.

    Then I applied the Miracle Gel topcoat and waited for THAT layer to dry.

    Next, I took an eyeshadow applicator and rubbed the loose laser powder on top of the dried topcoat. I was honestly impressed how well it stayed on the base of the nail, even if it *did* get everywhere else. (Keep paper towels handy, is all I'm saying.)

    Seal the entire thing with the topcoat and let dry. That's it! I was pleasantly surprised how well it turned out. I'm sure it would look more *holographic* with the UV machine, but this little hack wasn't bad at all.

    As an aside, after my co-worker saw the photos she mentioned they that looked better IRL. So there's that!

    Happy 'Grammin!