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I'm So Sorry, But Here's How Some Male Authors For Really Real Described Women In Books


1. "You know what this sentence needs? EMOTION. Specifically, breast emotion."

2. "Of course breasts ripple because — duh — physics!"

3. "What simile would make sense for butt cheeks? WAIT, I'VE GOT IT."

4. "I have taken zero anatomy classes but don't worry, I know how this works."

5. "What's a unique way to describe goosebumps????"

6. "Sometimes she didn't even brush her teeth and guess what? STILL SEXY."

7. "God I'm hungry."

8. "This is definitely how bodies work."

9. "I know a lot about periods if you couldn't tell!!!!"

10. "This makes sense."

11. "I'm POSITIVE breasts move at even the slightest gesture."

12. "I've always wanted to use 'breast flesh' in a sentence."

13. "Any excuse to use the word 'joggled!!!!!'"

14. "See through nose holes really turn me on."

15. "Hey, if you didn't already know...I'm basically a menstruation expert."

H/T r/MenWritingWomen