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    28 Celebrities Who Had A Very Merry Christmas

    There's nothing like posin' by the tree.

    1. Kylie and Stormi had a magical Christmas in Calabasas.

    2. Miley spent Christmas with her entire family.

    3. Justin and Hailey had an adorable little Christmas together and posed for a sweet pic with his little cousin.

    Justin also serenaded us with his Christmas hits in the car.

    4. And Hailey posted a few Polaroids from Christmas with her husband.

    5. Will and his family had the best time karaoke-ing on Christmas.

    6. Reese had a merry little Christmas with her whole family.

    7. Nick and Priyanka were surrounded by tons of family and friends on Christmas.

    8. Joe spent Christmas in London with Sophie and their doggos.

    9. Cardi and Offset had a blast on Christmas morning opening tons of presents.

    10. J.Lo and A-Rod dressed in matching pajamas and shared a kiss by the tree.

    11. Jennifer Aniston hosted a party that looked like a LOT of fun.

    12. The Rock surprised his sister-in-law with a new car for Christmas.

    13. Jennifer Garner revealed that even celebrities have wrapping woes.

    14. Drake Bell spent Christmas at Disneyland.

    15. Chrissy and John had a cozy little Christmas with their kids.

    16. Mindy showed off all of her Christmas hats.

    17. Courteney spent Christmas surrounded by her family.

    18. And so did Millie Bobby Brown!

    19. Lil Nas X gave his dad his Moon Person.

    20. Liam spent his Christmas somewhere where he did not have to layer up.

    21. Jesse and Justin spent Christmas in each other's company.

    22. Tom Felton also spent Christmas with his family.

    23. Oprah showed off her family — and her view! — on Christmas.

    24. Vanessa Hudgens rocked a onesie.

    25. Ashley and Christopher had a low-key Christmas in PJs.

    26. Bella and Gigi spent Christmas with their family.

    27. Jamie Lynn Spears shared this cute Santa moment on Christmas.

    28. And finally, our Christmas Queen Mariah Carey had a magical and white Christmas.

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