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    Jennifer Stone Ranked Her "Wizards Of Waverly Place" Outfits In A Viral Video And It's Brilliant

    "This one makes me smile. Stole it from set."

    In 2007, one of Disney Channel's greatest shows ever (ever!!) premiered: Wizards of Waverly Place, where the iconic Jennifer Stone played Alex Russo's (Selena Gomez) BFF Harper.

    Harper looks shocked in a leopard print dress, leopard ear headband, orange cardigan, and wears a leopard stuffed animal on her shoulder

    Those who watched the show might recall Harper being somewhat of a ~fashion icon.~

    harper wearing an owl dress with an owl-printed bandana

    She wore what she wanted! She did not give a single care in the world if anyone thought her outfits were a bit much. It made her the very definition of quirky best friend.

    harper in a superwoman-esque costume for a comic-con type convention with layered necklaces, wide belt, and a cafeteria tray as a shield

    Anyway, not even 24 hours ago, Jennifer posted a TikTok rating many of her over-the-top Harper outfits from the show using the "this is a work of art" viral sound. Currently, it has over 1.2 million views.

    Allow us to break it down for you. 

    Jennifer was, in fact, a fan of the racing outfit and states that she "loved making people laugh honking my horn hat."

    jennifer in a race track outfit with steering wheel hat

    However, she was less-than-pleased with shell-tastic costume because "the shells were sharp and stabby, but at least Selena was in the clam bake with me."

    jennifer in a lobster dress with neckline made of real sea shells with sea shell headband and earrings

    And if you're wondering if she liked an outfit enough to take it from set, the answer is yes. It's this one:

    jennifer in a blue dress with tiny rubber ducks all over and matching hat

    We LOVE to see it.

    Harper in duck dress saying, "imagine...the world world dressed like me."

    An outfit that got a low score in her rating was the meat-fit. "Meat hat?" she wrote. "Why tho?"

    jennifer wears a hat made of of steak, yellow apron with steak printed on it

    She also reported that even though her marker outfit was "heavy as lead," she liked it!

    dress made entirely out of thin crayola markers

    And finally, the duck costume was NOT it.

    jennifer dressed as a yellow duck

    We're obsessed. Which one of Harper's iconic outfits is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

    Harper in yellow sweater, umbrella dress, red hat with tiny umbrellas all over it and a star fish necklace