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A Gynecologist Shared 15 Things We're Doing Really, Really Wrong

"Melatonin won't actually 'cancel out' your birth control."

BuzzFeed spoke to Dr. Jennifer Lincoln to discuss the common mistakes we make when it comes to women's health ~down there.~ Here are some of the biggest things we might be doing wrong.

1. Taking melatonin won't actually "cancel out" your birth control.

2. Your body doesn't need any kind of "cleanse" when coming off birth control.

3. You shouldn't have any odor ~down there~ = a myth.

4. Don't leave your pad on all day.

5. Don't leave your tampon in longer than 4–6 hours.

6. And don't leave your menstrual cup in for a whole 24-hour period.

7. Pubic hair isn't there to annoy you. It has a purpose.

8. Synthetic hormones in birth control are safe.

9. You CAN get pregnant if it is your first time, you're on your period, if he pulls out before he ejaculates, if you're in a hot tub, or if a doctor tells you you'll never get pregnant.

10. There's no such thing as masturbating "too much."

11. Sex shouldn't be uncomfortable.

12. Periods should NOT disrupt your life.

13. You don't necessarily have to avoid sugar and caffeine when you're on your period.

14. Don't always think of your period as a negative time of month. It's important to use that time for self-care.

15. Finally, condoms are all we have to protect against sexually transmitted infections.

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