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    13 Ingenious Planners That Will Help You Get Your Life Together

    All aboard the organization station.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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    1. Plum Paper Planner

    Why you need it: Unlike most planners, this one is uniquely customizable. Not only can you choose the month the planner starts on, you're able to choose from a variety of weekly layouts to fit your specific type A needs.

    Etsy, $31

    2. Grocery List/Meal Planner

    Why you need it: This can be a huge timesaver for those who love to cook. It allows you to plan out your weekly meals and keep tabs on the groceries you'll need for each cuisine. It's perfect for people who hate making unnecessary grocery store trips when you forget that *one* key ingredient.

    Etsy, $5 (printable)

    3. Weekly Planner Whiteboard Vinyl Wall Decal

    Why you need it: It's a sleek and attractive wall piece as well as a simple, at-a-glance planner. If you have a full household, it's a great organizational tool that everyone can contribute to!

    Etsy, $56

    4. LifePlanner™

    Why you need it: This is a colorful, fun way to successfully organize your entire year — and it's SUPER customizable. You can choose horizontal or vertical orientations, color combinations, and even add on accessories like colored pens and stickers for those who love color coding.

    Erin Condren, $50

    5. Small Monthly Planner

    Why you need it: This one perfect for those who want a mini planner that's ideal for carrying around. It provides a simplistic layout for an easy glance at your upcoming month.

    Etsy, $3.50

    6. Calendar Desk Planner

    Why you need it: This modern desk calendar provides a simplistic way of jotting down important dates, meetings or events. With so many tabs open on your computer, it makes a nice visual aid that you can quickly glance at.

    Etsy, $12.80

    7. Get Sh!t Done Daily Planner

    Why you need it: If you're the type of person who wants an easy way to stay organized with multiple things, then this planner is for you. It allows you to schedule meals, top priorities, to-do lists, exercise goals, and ideas all in one place.

    Etsy, $5 printable

    8. DIY Bills Calendar

    Why you need it: Everyone hates paying bills, but this planner helps you stay organized by providing a space for calculations, a calendar for date reminders, and pockets for paperwork. It's an easy way to keep track of what you have or haven't paid.

    Because if you're swimming in stacks of bills, this can help you stay organized.

    Etsy, $35

    9. The Wedding Book Planner

    Why you need it: This also doubles as a keepsake! The nine sections of this wedding planner help keep away the stresses of your wedding organization. Sections include: Gameplan, contacts, budget, guests, vendors, miscellaneous, inspirational, photos, and notes.

    Etsy, $59

    10. Cal – Shared Calendar

    Why you need it: This app is great for people who prefer to stay organized through their phone. It has a attractive appearance with many customizable options in order create your to-do lists or keep track of your daily reminders.

    Apple Store, FREE

    11. fitbook®

    Why you need it: For those serious about fitness goals, the fitbook® planner is a good aid. This organizer contains tracking for setting goals, reward systems, a place to record workouts, and other tips to keep you motivated.

    fitbook®, $22.95

    12. Daily Planner Pages

    Why you need it: Students who need a simple, easy way of planning out daily or weekly schedules will find this incredibly helpful. They're perfect for popping on the fridge to keep people updated on where you'll be at what time, or when you just need an encompassing way of planning out your day.

    Etsy, $12.82

    13. Pregnancy Planner

    Why you need it: This planner also doubles as a keepsake so your child can look back on it in years to come. It allows you to keep track by trimesters and also has room for more personalizes entries.

    Etsy, $29