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If You Love “Harry Potter” Food, You NEED To Check Out These Butterbeer Marshmallows


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One of the many magical things about the Harry Potter books is the food, which makes us all want to visit Hogwarts MORE than we already do.

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But what if I told you that you can now buy BUTTERBEER MARSHMALLOWS from XO Marshmallow? BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Inspired by Butterbeer from the Harry Potter books, XO Marshmallow describes their marshmallows as "cozy, creamy boozy, butterscotch (think cream soda meets butterscotch, meets rum.)"

So if you're truly in a magical mood this fall, you can order a 12-pack of 'mallows for $7.95 and bring a lil' ~enchantment~ to your hot cocoa while you enjoy a nice re-read.

But sadly, they're only available for a limited time (through the month of September!) So you'll want to jump on ordering FAST.

*Me eating all of them in one sitting.*

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