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    21 Really, Really Great Food Hacks From Instagram

    Prep faster and waste less.

    1. Place your unused avocado in water to prevent it from quickly going bad and turning brown.

    2. Put a wooden utensil on top of whatever you're boiling to prevent it from spilling over.

    3. Use an ice cube tray + water to store your herbs if they're about to go bad.

    4. Cooking lots of quesadillas? Place four on a baking tray and cook them in an oven instead of individually on a stovetop skillet.

    5. You can also cook two pizzas at once by placing them on one baking tray if you cut them in half.

    6. Wrapping the tops of your bananas in plastic wrap is a good way of preventing them from browning too quickly.

    7. Putting a paper towel in with your lettuce soaks up the moisture so that it will stay crisp for a longer period of time.

    8. Serving food outdoors? Prevent bugs from jumping into your meal by covering serving bowls with shower caps. You can also use them more than once, unlike plastic wrap.

    9. Cut your watermelon into strips and use a stick to make it easier to eat.

    10. Use two plates to quickly slice multiple tomatoes.

    11. Scoop your mango with a glass as an easier method of peeling.

    12. Use this handy chart to figure out what onion would be best for what you want to make.

    13. You can grill corn without pre-shucking it by soaking it for an hour or two.

    14. Use an empty water bottle to separate egg yolks from egg whites.

    15. Also, an empty ketchup bottle makes a great pancake mix dispenser.

    16. Use a waffle maker as a faster alternative for cooking up bacon.

    17. If your butter is too hard to serve or spread, place a warm glass on it. The butter will soften in a minute or two.

    18. A cookie tray makes a fantastic milk holder if your cups are too small.

    19. Put your carton of ice cream in a ziplock bag before placing it back in the freezer for soft scoops every time.

    20. Use a straw as an easy way to remove the tops from strawberries.

    21. And finally, make the perfect ice cream sandwich with this clever trick.