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    I Laughed At These 16 "Game Of Thrones" Tumblr Jokes From The Premiere So Maybe You Will Too

    "Bran, whispering to himself: [strategically propping his wheelchair in convenient corners to lock dead eyes with any new person showing up to Winterfell] this is gonna be so fucking funny."

    1. When Jaime and Bran reunited:

    2. When Bran knew exactly what he was doing:

    3. When Jon's whole goddamn life was changed:

    4. When Bran and Jaime had a staredown:

    5. When the ending was predicted:

    6. When the plot of Season 8 was revealed:

    7. When Daenerys gave that threat:

    8. When Sam had to bear the news to his BFF:

    9. And when Daenerys had to bear her news to Sam:

    10. When Sansa brought up a great point:

    11. When Jon also made a valid point:

    12. When Sansa unleashed her sarcasm:

    13. When Daenerys had that awkward moment:

    14. When THIS MOMENT happened:

    15. When Sansa asked the important question:

    16. And finally, when Cersei just wanted her goddamn elephants:

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