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Dany's Death Probably Didn't Surprise You If You Remember That One Scene In Season 2

It all started with Dany's vision in Season 2.

Since the finale of Game of Thrones, I've been thinking of Dany's death and WHY we all should have seen it coming. Maybe other people on the internet have already pointed this out, but I'm going to break down my thoughts on the vision Dany has in Season 2, Episode 10 (titled "Valar Morghulis" if you want to go back and watch for yourself).

The first thing we see in Dany's vision is her walking through ash — not snow, like some previously believed — with the Iron Throne in her sight.

When Dany looks up, she sees destruction. Of course, we now know that she's the one who caused it.

Also, we see this exact moment in the finale when Dany lays her eyes on the Iron Throne.

But then she exits through the enormous door that leads outside The Wall, which is why we were lead to believe that Dany's vision took place in the North. That's when she sees a tent.

When Dany goes inside the tent, she sees Khal Drogo cradling her son. At this point, it seemed unclear if this vision would actually come into fruition. Remember, it's Season 2, and Khal Drogo is already dead. We haven't seen Jon come back to life yet, so we have no reason to believe Dany would see Khal Drogo again.

And then, Dany says THIS:

So, Dany's entire vision did play out in full. She gained power and laid her eyes on the Iron Throne...

...and once Jon killed her, we can only assume she joined Khal Drogo and her son in the afterlife. I'd like to be bold say that this is a happy-ish ending in the world of Game of Thrones, but you can make up your own mind.

Anyway, this is all to say that we should have seen this coming way back in Season 2. And if you did, you clearly know this show better than anyone!

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