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    21 Tumblr Posts That’ll Make You Say “Whoa, Wait, What?"

    What kind of world do we live in where a nose runs, but feet smell?

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    1. This fair but perplexing question.

    2. This person who made a good point about mail.

    3. This incredible realization about your favorite dairy product.

    4. This shower thought that makes sense yet doesn't.

    5. This new name that should have been discovered sooner.

    6. This puzzling thought about our music education.

    7. This person who brings up a valid point.

    8. This new way of looking at sleeping.

    9. This baffling question that has no true answer.

    10. This very flipped situation.

    11. This person who analyzed these lyrics and made us question everything.

    12. This disconcerting yet true way of looking at swimming pools.

    13. This valid point about playgrounds.

    14. This new way of viewing adulthood.

    15. This person who made sure we will never look at horses the same way again.

    16. This statement that is true for some reason.

    17. This person who made this brilliant observation about sports.

    18. This person who has some punny observations.

    19. This incredibly true thought about sex.

    20. These strange but true everyday sayings.

    21. And finally, the million-dollar question that will also keep you up at night.

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