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8 People Who Ruined Food And 8 Who Are True Heroes

There are those who use their powers for good, and then there are others who do... something else.

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1. This food genius who built a sauce moat to keep it in place.

2. And then there's this FOOD MONSTER who selfishly ruined a perfectly fine pan of brownies.

3. There's this food genius who had a quick solution to scalding hot Easy Mac.

4. But this food monster made a grilled cheese AND THEN STUCK IT IN THE MICROWAVE UNTIL IT OVERCOOKED???

5. This food genius is literally changing the game with this utensil.

6. But this food monster decided to ruin a delicious frozen pizza with candy corn in the year of our Lord 2017.

7. This food genius figured out a smart way to get more ketchup-to-fry ratio.

8. But this food monster combined sushi, burger meat, and FREAKING MUSTARD in one roll?????

9. This food genius figured out a masterplan to hold all the important snacks in one hand.

10. And this food monster decided cereal is BEST with sweet tea.

11. This food genius figured out a simple way to make ~pumpkin spice~ coffee.

12. But this food monster took pineapple on pizza WAY out of context.

13. This food genius is over here hacking the system.

14. Meanwhile, this food monster is about to have some BAD TIMES ON THE TOILET.

15. This french fry mastermind who found the ideal place chowing down on the road.

16. And finally, this food monster who decided to GO BIG AND GO HOME.

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