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What Book Would You Sell Your Soul To Read Again For The Very First Time?

There's nothing like that first-read experience!

We've all had that reading experience where we finish a book and think, "WHAT AN AMAZING STORY." But while you can re-read it, you can never read it again for the first time. What book did that for you?!

Maybe it was the first Harry Potter book, which introduced you to an immersive world of magic and a whole cast of unforgettable characters that you grew to love.

Or maybe it was a thriller novel like Gone Girl where you had no idea what twists and turns were in store for you.

Or maybe it was a classic novel like Pride and Prejudice because you got to experience the love between Elizabeth and Darcy for the first time.

Now it's your turn! What book would you absolutely sell your soul to read again for the very first time? Let us know which book and why in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!