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    May 21, 2020

    18 Times The Students Of Zoom University Really Struggled Through Finals Week

    "In 15 years, the college class of 2020 will have nightmares that it's finals week and they forgot to log onto Zoom all semester."

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    1. This poor student who had to take a rowing final online:

    2. This student who was given multiple options:

    My prof just said acceptable platforms for our oral final exam include FaceTime, zoom, google meet, fortnite, Facebook messenger, and Snapchat 😂 omg what is university?

    3. This student who submitted her final ONE SECOND before it was due:

    4. This student who finessed their professor like no other:

    5. This student who tried to get a little extra credit:

    6. This student who has a very thoughtful professor:

    My professor just made finals week tolerable

    7. This student who really, really doesn't want us to tell his professor:

    8. This student who is just really going through it:

    canvas crashed as I was submitting my final exam :-)))))) absolutely loving my time here at zoom university!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. This godsend of a professor who decided to make all the correct multiple choice answers "A":


    When your professor makes all the right answers the first choice ##easya ##finalsweek ##teacheroftheyear

    ♬ original sound - melanieinthemaking

    11. This student who just scared us all off going to grad school:

    12. This student who, for personal reasons, decided to pass away:

    13. This student who was just ONE POINT shy:


    I am ONE point away from getting an A in this class. ONE POINT. ##finalsweek ##college ##finals ##neverfitin ##school ##grades

    ♬ original sound - sumanthamay

    14. These students who are probably still feeling that submission high:

    15. This student who was feeling some pre-exam jitters:

    16. This student's final exam that has an error with the correct answers:

    17. This student who experienced an internet outage and scored a 5% on her final:

    18. And finally, this little tidbit that really struck a chord of anxiety:

    In 15 years, the college class of 2020 will have nightmares that its finals week and they forgot to log onto Zoom all semester

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