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21 Fashion Trends That Were Popular In The Last Decade, For Better Or Worse

If you didn't rock one of these styles, then you're lying.

Jojomecoco on Reddit asked the community what fashion trend defined the 2010s, and here's what people FONDLY (and not-so fondly) remembered.

1. The feathers-in-your-hair trend had a little moment in 2010-2011.

2. Patterned leggings and leggings in general absolutely took over during the 2010s.

3. Side bangs were still poppin' between 2010–2013, but slowly faded out of style.

4. Flower crowns flourished in the 2010s.

5. High-low dresses also had a style moment.

6. Chokers came back STRONG between 2015–2016.

7. The tiny sunglasses trend came out in full force around 2017 and is still a thing.

8. High-waisted shorts became super popular between 2012–2013.

9. Shutter shades gained momentum in 2009, but they absolutely carried over into 2010–2011.

10. Funky, creative patterns were most definitely a thing, but especially pineapple and llama prints.

11. Crop tops boldly came back in style around 2013–2014 and are still a pretty hot trend now.

12. Of course, man buns made a debut in the 2010s.

13. And undercuts became a bold, sexy hair trend.

14. Oversized cardigans were also a bold fashion statement this decade.

15. Purposefully ripped jeans were A. LOOK.

16. Silver and intentionally grey hair looked so good on so many.

17. Balayage and ombré hair came into style in 2012 and stayed for a long time.

18. Cold-shoulder cut-out tops were also very much a trend.

19. So were tall socks.

20. Joggers were another (very comfortable) and stylish fashion statement.

21. And finally...Crocks with socks! A. STATEMENT.