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    15 Upscale Restaurants That Went Way Too Far

    Please...not like this.

    1. This presentation that is...questionable.

    Bread chips on a comb from WeWantPlates

    2. This aim for an elevated feel (which left me stressed).

    deconstructed hand s'more? from WeWantPlates

    3. This literal take on shoveling food into your mouth.

    I'm in a fancy italian restaurant and they just served me this from WeWantPlates

    4. This salad on a stick approach.

    Caesar salad or Charlie Brown Christmas tree? from WeWantPlates

    5. This ~no utensils~ approach that feels slightly unsanitary.

    Dessert, waiter instructed us to make sure we licked our hands clean. In their defense it was delicious. from WeWantPlates

    6. This twist on bringing nature into an appetizer.

    Browsing through my old photos and found this... chips in a pine cone! from WeWantPlates

    7. Again...this strange fascination with forgoing utensils.

    Cheese foam that is spooned onto the back of your hand by the waiter and then you have to lick it off. from WeWantPlates

    8. The aesthetic appearance of these tiny starters.

    Little bite size appetizer served on a box of uncooked potatoes from WeWantPlates

    9. This interesting dessert presentation.

    This restaurant is rated 4.7/5 stars from WeWantPlates

    10. This "reusable" approach.

    Just why?? from WeWantPlates

    11. This drink that I can only hope came with a straw.

    Frozen on a cactus. from WeWantPlates

    12. This slightly creepy platter.

    Hand tuna from WeWantPlates

    13. This wild presentation.

    Cured meat served on a bone from WeWantPlates

    14. This soup that's served in a shell.

    Soup in a shell... from WeWantPlates

    15. And finally, the direction this restaurant took for serving espressos.

    Espresso... to go. from WeWantPlates

    H/T r/wewantplates

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