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We Tested Affordable Eyelash Growth Serums And Here's What Actually Works

Lashify me.

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Hi! We're Farrah, Crystal, and Sheridan, and we each have our own gripes about our natural lashes.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

Farrah wants more length, Crystal wants length and thickness, and Sheridan wants more volume. So we decided to test out three different, affordable eyelash growth serums to see which ones actually worked.

LashPRO Lash Growth Enhancer, $21.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / LashPRO

Expectations: I naturally have short, stubby lashes, so I'm REALLY hoping this serum can give me that VA-VA-VOLUME BABY! I've never used any kind of eyelash serum before, but I have heard of Latisse — which is something you can't get over the counter. So I'm hoping LashPro gives me those voluminous results.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

Thoughts: It was hard to see a day-to-day change, but the proof is in the pictures. I didn't get as much length as I wanted after one month, but I DEFINITELY can see fuller, less piece-y lashes. They also look darker? My only complaint about this product is that while it goes on smoothly, I feel like I have something caked on my eyes when I wake up in the morning. Almost like that morning eye-gunk feeling, but it immediately goes away after I wash my face. Overall, I was impressed by how much thickness I gained with this product. It does work.

Would you use this again? I would!

Get it on Amazon for $21.

ArtNaturals' lush eyelash growth serum, $15.95.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / ArtNaturals

Expectations: I'll be frank, my eyelashes are not impressive. I mean, I'm like fine with them – they do their job of keeping stuff out of my eyes – but it'd be nice to have longer, fuller lashes. I'm 100% skeptical that this eyelash serum will work at all. Looking at the ingredients, it seems to basically be oil? Am I literally putting snake oil on my eyelashes?!

Farrah Penn / Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

Thoughts: At first I was a little concerned that this stuff might hurt my eyes because I have crazy sensitive skin, but it really felt like almost nothing going on. However, I was pretty shocked that after just a couple weeks I felt like it was actually working!? The difference was subtle, but to someone who looks at my face every day (i.e. ME) they looked longer. I think what was actually happening was that the serum was just "strengthening" my lashes and making them fall off less easily. I applied both at night and in the morning and after two months I only went through about half the bottle, so you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

Would you use this again? Surprisingly, yeah!

Get it on Amazon for $15.95.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum, $7.12

Crystal Ro / Sheridan Watson / BuzzFeed

Expectations: While I was born with naturally curly and somewhat long lashes (thanks, dad), I've always wanted my eyelashes to be thicker. After many tries, I discovered lash extensions are way too much upkeep to maintain, and I am tragically not talented enough to put on falsies without it looking like a caterpillar has attached itself to my eye. So I'm hoping that this serum gives me that super fluttery look I've lusted after.

Crystal Ro / Sheridan Watson / BuzzFeed

Thoughts: I notice something...I think? While I think my eyelashes got a little thicker, they definitely got longer, which isn't really something I was gunning for but hey, you take a win when you can. Applying the serum was super easy, you can use the "mascara" brush part for your eyelashes and then the brush at the end for eyebrows. However, whenever I would wake up in the morning, my face was covered in dried up pieces of serum. It seriously looked like I was shedding and while that may be a hot look for a rattlesnake, it wasn't really the vibe I was trying to achieve. Also, I noticed how my eyelashes just got clumpier in general, even when I had washed off the serum so that's gonna be a no from me, dawg.

Would you use this again? On the fence. If I suddenly want my eyelashes to grow longer then yes, but for now, I'm not really into it.

Get it on Amazon for $7.12.