If You've Thought About Reducing Your Carbon Footprint, Here Are 19 Zero-Waste Skincare Products

    No trash, no problem.

    Hi, I'm Farrah, and I tried a waste-free skincare routine for 30 days. Meaning, everything was either packaging-free or came in packaging that could be composted or recycled. So, if you've ever thought about trying to go plastic-free, this might be a good place to start!

    1. Honestly, Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser from Lush might be one of my favorite zero-waste products. It's absolutely perfect for my sensitive skin and helps reduce redness in my face.

    2. I didn't think I'd enjoy a solid body lotion until I tried Little Pot of Energy. It glides on super well and smells amazing, but if you're storing it in an open space just know that it might attract little dust particles over time.

    3. I did not think the Makeup Eraser would work as well as it did, but guys, IT WORKS. Also, this product saves you about 3,600 DISPOSABLE wipes and lasts up to five years.

    4. I was trying to figure out why I didn't like the scent of Aromaco deodorant from Lush, and it turns out it's because it has patchouli oil in it! It's a good product, but if you're like me and can't stand the smell, try something else.

    5. These Meow Meow Tweets deodorants are pricier than the one from Lush, HOWEVER they come in four scents and are packaged in compostable paper tubes.

    6. All Good Sunscreen Butter comes in a tin that is recyclable, but I didn't realize it would have a plastic protector wrapping around it. It *is* better than buying sunscreen from a plastic tube, though.

    7. After a little more digging, I found EiR's Surf Mud Pro. Their website says it contains 100% compostable packaging and ingredients, which is definitely a win.

    8. I have no complaints about Outback Mate hand soap. The soap itself it BEAUTIFUL and smells like lemongrass. Just make sure to keep it in a soap dish unless you want your sink stained blue.

    9. The next three items are serums, but I'd only buy the one that sounds like it would benefit your skin type. Light Touch works to balance out your complexion as well as calm, soothe, and refresh your skin.

    10. Full of Grace is another solid serum that glides on like BUTTER. It's super moisturizing and works great for skin that needs hydration.

    11. Amazon Primer hydrates your skin while also keeping it shine-free. It works best when applying it before putting on makeup. This ended up being my favorite because I have oily skin.

    12. I think King of Skin is my favorite in-shower product. Right before you get out, you use it all over your body, gently rinse, and then there's no need to apply lotion after you dry off.

    13. I'm still 99% sure Brazilliant shampoo bar will last me until the end of the year. A little goes a LONG way and it lathers up in seconds. Think of all the plastic shampoo bottles you'll save!!!

    14. I used Jungle solid conditioner in my piece about going plastic-free for a month, but to be honest I prefer Big instead. Tip: Put your conditioner bar in a little bit of water to help get that creamy texture. It makes it easier to work into your hair.

    15. I used to buy those big, plastic bottles full of sea salt exfoliant, but after using Cherryish body scrub I am a changed woman. ZERO WASTE! It's super exfoliating, and it smells amazing.

    16. I ended up using Milky Bar soap as both a body wash and shaving cream. It smells SOOOO good and was perfect for my sensitive skin.

    17. I learned that if you buy Dove soap in a pack of two or more, it will be wrapped in plastic. BUT if you buy a single bar of Dove (travel size) it comes in a cardboard container without plastic, which (I BELIEVE) can be recycled. SO! This is another good option for body soap.

    18. I was VERY nervous about using the Oui Razor because I'd never tried a single-blade razor before, but it ended up working brilliantly and didn't irritate my skin. Plus, this baby lasts A LIFETIME.

    19. Don't worry, dudes. I've got an eco-friendly razor in mind for you, too. Rockwell Razors are plastic-free, made of chromed zinc alloy, and help prevent filling landfills with billions of disposable razors each year.

    That's all I got, but I'm positive there's more out there. Feel free to leave your zero-waste, eco-friendly skincare products (and makeup!!) recommendations in the comments!