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17 Embarrassing In-Law Horror Stories That’ll Make You Cringe

"My father-in-law discovered a large dildo in the toilet tank."

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the most cringeworthy moment they've experienced with their in-laws. Here are the horrifying results.

1. The accidental grope.

"My father-in-law complimented me on the necklace I was wearing, grabbing to take a closer look and getting a good handful of my boobs in the process."

Submitted by Darlene Fuhst, Facebook

2. The unfortunate misunderstanding.

"My in-laws are Japanese and speak little English, so I speak with them in Japanese. When I get tired, my Japanese pronunciation becomes sloppy. I have back problems, and after a busy day together my mother-in-law asked how it was doing. I intended to say 'the middle is a little sore, but I'm OK.' The word for middle/center is 'manaka.' Unfortunately, the word for 'c**t' is 'manka.' Yep. I told this sweet little old lady, in my most sincere 'Aww! Thanks for asking!' tone of voice, that my c**t was a little sore, but I'm OK!"

Submitted by Krystal Watanabe, Facebook

3. The intimate intrusion.

"My mother-in-law walked in as I was going down on my husband. I wasn't embarrassed — I was mortified. It was a few years ago and she probably forgot about it, but I won't."

Submitted by Vikky Mathieu

New Line Cinema

4. The major invasion of privacy.

"I was doing my makeup in the bathroom one morning and my mother-in-law came in and started peeing in the toilet."

Submitted by sarahg4121aa725

5. The overflowing disaster.

"After about a year of dating, I went to spend a weekend with my then boyfriend's parents. I didn't know that the guest bathroom toilet needed to be flushed a certain way and after going number two, it overflowed. By the time I got the water turned off it was too late and my *cough* business had flooded under the door and into the hallway. We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the carpet while I laughed/cried hysterically."

Submitted by Devil's Advocate in Training

6. The party animal.

"At my partner's family Christmas party, I drank a little too heavily and ended up locking myself in the bathroom. By the time my partner (and his parents) got into the bathroom, I had managed to throw up in the garbage can and rip the toilet seat completely off of the toilet."

Submitted by sarahj493a52746


7. The unfortunate disturbance.

"My mother-in-law didn't knock and opened the bedroom door right in the middle of us having sex. I can't look her in the eye the same way now."

Submitted by madalynnpaigeb

8. The wrong number.

"I was at a pub with my boyfriend and his parents. My bf was going on and on about how the bartender had been flirting with him but when I went to the bar, I could have sworn she was flirting with me too. I got out my phone and jokingly texted my boyfriend that 'maybe we should ask if she wants a threesome.' But the second I sent it, I heard my mother-in-law's phone go off too. I had sent it to the group message!"

Submitted by isabellak44d4eab10

9. The helping hand.

"My mother-in-law, who is also a midwife, asked if she could check my cervix for dilation. Umm how about NOPE. I'll wait for a doctor that is not related to me, thank you very much."

Submitted by brianneb45d56a859

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10. The unexpected disruption.

"When my husband and I were in high school, he walked me outside as I was leaving his house. Things got pretty hot and heavy, and we ended up 69-ing in the back seat of his truck. Apparently his mom was worried because he had been outside for awhile and came out to check on him. I heard a noise and looked out of the window only to make eye contact with his mom while her son's dick was in my mouth. I didn't speak to her for months."

Submitted by Hayyyu

11. The uncontrolled bladder.

"We had Thanksgiving with both his parents and my parents. As we were playing Cards Against Humanity, my mother-in-law laughed so hard she literally pissed herself."

Submitted by victoriaw45f17ed3a

12. The startling interruption.

"My now ex-partner and I lived with his mother. She's a lovely lady, but one night we'd went to read our books in bed, whilst naked, and in pops his mum to take a photo of us just because she hadn't taken one in a while!"

Submitted by cassieej


13. The potty mouth.

"My in-laws are hardcore Catholics who don't swear. Within the first fifteen minutes of our introduction, I said (as a dude was coming out of a church parking lot, driving like an asshole) 'Watch it fucker! I guess driving laws don't apply to holier-than-thou churchy pricks!' I wanted to melt onto the seat after I said it. I told my husband never again to let me drive while his parents are in the car."

Submitted by normaa4a48b8562

14. The dildo dilemma.

"After moving into a new place, my then husband and I woke up one morning to a busted toilet. We were both on our way to work and quickly called his father to come take care of it during the day. Several hours later we get a phone call that my father-in-law discovered a rather large dildo in the toilet tank. We had to reassure him and my mother-in-law it wasn't ours and must have been left by the prior tenant, but I don't think they really believed us. To make matters worse, we think it was the first time my mother-in-law ever saw a dildo in her life."

Submitted by katyh417bf6d76

15. The condom predicament.

"I took a cute picture of my puppy with a sock on his nose and sent it to my boyfriend. In the background on the end table was a super large box of Trojan's we had just bought and hadn't put away. I didn't notice this until after my boyfriend said he sent it to his mom."

Submitted by kitb45279c336

NBC Universal

16. The unpleasant interruption.

"I had a C-section, and a few hours post-op my father-in-law barged into my hospital room without knocking. Unfortunately I was lying down with my gown up around my neck, totally naked, bleeding, while my nurse checked my incision and catheter. I've never gotten over it."

Submitted by megane49484561f

17. The awkward find.

"My boyfriend and I lived in his parents house for awhile. Once we moved out they sent me a picture of a DVD they found under our bed. It was porn."

Submitted by daniellem48a51e6bb

Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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