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We Taste Tested Corinne's Cheese Pasta From "The Bachelor" And It Was Questionable

Nanny Raquel: Queen of Cheese Pasta

For those of you who haven't been glued to the TV every Monday night for two hours for a viewing of The Bachelor this season, this is Corinne:

Corinne has done a lot of things that confuse the other ladies on the show, but one of the weirder confessions was that she has a NANNY, yes a nanny, named Raquel.

One thing in particular Corinne relies on Raquel for is making her "cheese pasta" — a dish so spectacular that Corinne simply cannot master it.

Luckily, Raquel shared her super-secret cheese pasta recipe with Us Weekly, and we knew we had to test it out.

The recipe is literally so easy that we almost messed it up on purpose just to keep things interesting. First, we purchased some pasta and cheese.

Then, we boiled some water. I know, enthralling, right? We then got to add some salt, thank GOD, but had no idea how much to add so we just did our best.

When the pasta had boiled for 10 minutes, we strained that baby and added a shit ton* of shredded cheese.

* Shit ton is a scientific measurement.

Then, we tried it. You are welcome.

Our thoughts: It's bad. It is quite literally just chewy pasta and shredded cheese. Has Corinne ever heard of Easy Mac? Don't eat this. Love yourself and eat Easy Mac instead. This isn't Raquel's fault. We're sorry, Raquel.

In conclusion...someone please tell Corinne that macaroni and cheese exists and it comes in a box! You can't really mess that up.