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We Taste Tested Corinne's Cheese Pasta From "The Bachelor" And It Was Questionable

Nanny Raquel: Queen of Cheese Pasta

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The recipe is literally so easy that we almost messed it up on purpose just to keep things interesting. First, we purchased some pasta and cheese.

Lara Parker

Raquel and Corinne never specify WHAT KIND of pasta or cheese, so we had to channel our inner Corinne and guess. We chose the most simple pasta we could find and a three-cheese blend because we wanted extra flavor.


Then, we tried it. You are welcome.

Our thoughts: It's bad. It is quite literally just chewy pasta and shredded cheese. Has Corinne ever heard of Easy Mac? Don't eat this. Love yourself and eat Easy Mac instead. This isn't Raquel's fault. We're sorry, Raquel.