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    People On Reddit Shared A+ Hacks For Enhancing Your College Dorm And They're Pretty Great

    Take notes, students!

    1. Bed risers are you friend.

    collegeaveloans / Via

    "Get bed risers to create more storage space." —xTrickstar

    2. Keep things like power cords off the floor by using drywall hooks.

    techytorre / Via

    "You'll probably run into an issue where you have a lot of power strips on the floor, and drywall hooks help to hang them up." —Corgi_with_stilts

    3. Giant storage containers can also be used as tables.

    irisusa / Via

    "Large Rubbermaid tubs make moving much easier — and make good tables!" —LoneGhostOne

    4. A storage ottoman is a versatile way to create more space.

    jryansolutions / Via

    "Two words: storage ottoman. Hide your clutter. Put a tray on it and a bowl with something colorful, like a vase or plant. They should hold enough weight to be extra seating if you end up with too many people in your space." —SEa0Starlight

    5. A rug can really bring your place together in a cozy way.

    stuff2college / Via

    "A cheap area rug can help soften hard floors." —simmelianben

    6. And plants can help make your room pop!

    collegelifemadeasy / Via

    "Add some plants. I am a student on a tight budget, and I noticed Trader Joe's has succulents and small plants for $2.99." —rmsfr

    7. A coffee table works as a cheaper alternative to an entertainment center.

    mydecorvibes / Via

    "Turn a coffee table into your entertainment stand." —ThatsDoodle

    8. Decorate by the 10%, 30%, 60% rule.

    thehomebodiee / Via

    "10% of your decor should be a color that adds pop, 30% should be a base color (think primary colors), and 60% should be a neutral color like beige, dark brown, grey, etc." —bdubbs0

    9. Fairy lights help change up the harsh fluorescent dorm lighting.

    stuff2college / Via

    "Get fairy lights in your favorite color and line them along one or two corners of your room using putty or Command Hooks. It's super cozy!" —theshizirl

    10. Tapestries are another cheap way to add color and decoration.

    dormdigs / Via

    "I like the fabric wall hangings you can get for $10 on Amazon. I got into them as a student because they don't damage walls. Just use two or three tacks very close to the ceiling so it's completely unnoticed when you move out." —hongkonghenry

    11. Get a matching soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.

    tawannaba / Via

    "Get a set of matching soap dispenser and toothbrush holder for the bathroom. It will make your bathroom look so much neater and will make it look like you have your life together (even if you don’t)." —Meetybeefy

    12. A toolkit is a dorm room MUST-have.

    vape.hamster / Via

    "A small toolkit can be a lifesaver. Need to raise your bike seat? Open the battery case to something that had those stupid screws holding it shut? No problem! Walmart has sets of small screwdrivers and hex keys that you can get for $1–2." —whatsausername90

    13. Hack your AC using a wet washrag.

    IKEA / Via

    "Our air conditioning in our dorm would only go so low, so it was always hot in our room. We took a washrag and ran it under hot water, then laid it on top of the thermostat. Instant cool." —wisherg40

    14. Laminate charts so you can study in the shower.

    studyrhi / Via

    "If you’re a science major, laminate equations or other things to memorize and put them on the ceiling above your bed or in the shower." —deleteduser

    15. Use string and clothes pins to hang your photos without nailing a frame into the wall.

    stuff2college / Via

    "Not super original, but string and clothes pins for photos works really well."—deleteduser

    H/T to these threads by fatrice_, numa_numa, and brienoconan.

    Some comments have been edited for length/clarity.

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