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    People On Reddit Shared A+ Hacks For Enhancing Your College Dorm And They're Pretty Great

    Take notes, students!

    1. Bed risers are you friend.

    2. Keep things like power cords off the floor by using drywall hooks.

    3. Giant storage containers can also be used as tables.

    4. A storage ottoman is a versatile way to create more space.

    5. A rug can really bring your place together in a cozy way.

    6. And plants can help make your room pop!

    7. A coffee table works as a cheaper alternative to an entertainment center.

    8. Decorate by the 10%, 30%, 60% rule.

    9. Fairy lights help change up the harsh fluorescent dorm lighting.

    10. Tapestries are another cheap way to add color and decoration.

    11. Get a matching soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.

    12. A toolkit is a dorm room MUST-have.

    13. Hack your AC using a wet washrag.

    14. Laminate charts so you can study in the shower.

    15. Use string and clothes pins to hang your photos without nailing a frame into the wall.

    H/T to these threads by fatrice_, numa_numa, and brienoconan.

    Some comments have been edited for length/clarity.