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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Sep 26, 2015

    22 Dogs Who Totally Nailed Their Geeky Halloween Costumes

    Guaranteed to make your day a little less ruff.

    1. This Dobby dog that has been granted his freedom.

    2. This AT-AT pup who's ready for battle.

    3. This regal Spock dog who's ready to command.

    4. This dog who perfectly nailed Mad-Eye Moody.

    Flickr: ret0dd / Creative Commons / Via Creative Commons

    5. This iconic Leia pup with her X Wing and Millennium Falcon.

    6. This incredible Fluffy look alike with his beloved Hagrid.

    Flickr: celticfeminist / Creative Commons / Via Creative Commons

    7. This incredibly enthusiastic Batman pup.

    8. This loyal Jon Snow dog who's ready to defend the Wall.

    9. This super cute Yoda pup who is full of wisdom.

    Flickr: colure_caulfield / Via Creative Commons

    10. These spot-on Vader and Leia hounds.

    Flickr: mccun934 / Via Creative Commons

    11. This friendly Hulk.

    12. This adorable Pika-pup.

    13. These incredible Iron dogs ready to serve and protect.

    14. This super sweet Adventure Time pup.

    15. This precious Harry Potter dog.

    16. This incredibly cute Star Wars pup.

    17. This loyal Darth Vader dog.

    Flickr: tanaise / Via Creative Commons

    18. These on-point Harry and Draco cuties.

    19. This Superman pup who's ready to save the day.

    20. This perfect pair of Ewoks.

    Flickr: knownunsense / Via Creative Commons

    21. This adorable dog who has so much turtle power.

    22. And finally, this perfect pup who's ready to take on some ghosts.

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