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21 Dog Memes That Will Cure Your Bad Day

You need this in your life.

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1. This good boy who just wanted to hear a story:

2. This dog who's showing off their new 'do:

alijune88 / Via

3. This pup who is ready for adventures:

poochselfie / Via

4. This dog who made the perfect prom date:

5. This dog who is just thankful to have playtime:

cooldogmemes / Via

6. This dog who was captured in a brilliant moment:

7. This dog who knows how to play it smooth:

8. This dog who has found inner peace:

benito_memeolini / Via

9. This dog who is you AF:

brettbauerfittv / Via

10. This dog who can't remember if he left the stove on:

jebeldog / Via

11. This lil pup who is riding in style:

puppersofnewyork / Via

12. This dog who is actually all of us:

kingmorales92 / Via

13. These dogs who are just #Relatable:

metalmellie / Via

14. This dog who honestly just loves life:

15. This dog who is one with nature:

thedogsalon / Via

16. This pup who is not ready for the week:

sapien_logic / Via

17. This dog who figured out the best way to gain attention:

chico_the_jackchi / Via

18. This dog who was captured in such a pure, innocent moment:

19. This dog's expression that captures the excitement of holidays:

20. This dog whose glass is half-full:

21. And finally, this carefree, happy pup:

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