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    18 Dogs That Have A Better Halloween Costume Than You

    They are all precious angels.

    1. This perfect Bob Ross doggo:

    2. This incredible IT-inspired pup:

    3. This not-so-little Lion King:

    4. This sassy sip of Starbucks:

    5. This homemade lime La Croix cutie:

    6. This very chilled out Ninja Turtle:

    7. This cozy Frappuccino:

    8. This tiny festive piñata:

    9. This scrumptious spaghetti and meatballs:

    10. This adorable pink lady:

    11. This very goob Batdog:

    12. And this exceptionally cute Spiderdog:

    13. This A+ Salsa Picante lookalike:

    14. This cuddly-soft beanie baby:

    15. This dazzling Audrey Hepburn classic:

    16. This perfect Yoda:

    17. This golden Hershey's Kiss who is ready to give out kisses:

    18. And finally, this fantastic Katy Puppy:

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