This "Harry Potter" Fan DIY'd His Bedroom Like Hogwarts And The Details Are BONKERS Good

    It's just so magical.

    You guys, I have just stumbled upon every Harry Potter fan's dream. Meet Brian Thompson, the DIY wizard who created this incredibly magical Hogwarts-inspired bedroom on a budget.

    Brian's very own wizarding world was carefully constructed with 90% Styrofoam and thrift store items that he meticulously collected over over the span of 18 months. The entire process took him approximately two months to bring to life.

    "I remember the feeling I got when I first walked through the interior of Hogwarts in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. It left me mesmerized," Brian told BuzzFeed. "The process of bringing that vision into reality was what fueled my inspiration."

    Brian continued, "On a barista budget, I knew it would be a challenge. I didn't have any help putting it together aside from borrowing my dad's tools and watching a few YouTube videos on how to lay vinyl flooring."

    The toughest part of the room was creating each brick to bring the aesthetic of Hogwarts Castle to life.

    The total cost of this DIY project? Roughly $1,500. "Being constricted by a barista budget, I was forced to be resourceful," Brian explained. "I found new solutions to problems I couldn't find anywhere on the internet or from people I knew."

    Brian's favorite part of the room is the glimmering ceiling. "I wanted to come up with a way to create an illusion that made the sky appear more expansive," he explained. "I walked by a sale on $5 door-length mirrors and purchased enough to line the perimeter of my room. I removed the frames and attached them to perimeter of my walls that meet the ceiling."

    The response to Brian's creation has been incredible. "People have been extremely supportive and some have become inspired to redecorate their own bedrooms," he said. "The most valuable outcome I've had from sharing this project is the collective enthusiasm of sheer perseverance bringing you to the finish line."

    What an ENCHANTING bedroom!! Dumbledore would be proud.