19 Savory Stuffed Veggies To Make Before Summer Ends

    Filled up with all the good stuff.

    1. These refreshing corn- and tomato-stuffed avocados.

    2. These delightful caprese quinoa mini-portobellos with balsamic glaze.

    3. These delicious summer squash boats.

    4. These flavorful black bean and corn salad sweet potatoes.

    5. These delectable blue cheese- and guacamole-stuffed mini-portobellos with Buffalo sauce.

    6. These filling Italian stuffed jalapeños.

    7. These loaded spaghetti squash burrito bowls.

    8. These tasty grilled quinoa-stuffed zucchini.

    9. These savory French onion- and prosciutto-stuffed portobellos.

    10. These filling barbecue chicken-stuffed sweet potatoes.

    11. These divine vegetable-stuffed portobellos.

    12. These mouthwatering spinach- and artichoke-stuffed eggplants.

    13. These cheesy poblano peppers.

    14. These heavenly caprese-stuffed portobellos.

    15. These delicious baked eggs in stuffed peppers.

    16. These delicious chickpea- and tahini-stuffed avocados.

    17. These refreshing avocado- and feta-stuffed cucumbers.

    18. These appetizing dirty rice-stuffed peppers.

    19. These tasty Mexican-stuffed sweet potatoes.