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    19 Quarantine Proms That Prove Even A Pandemic Won't Stop Students From Having A Good Time

    These look better than regular prom, TBH.

    1. This family who creatively threw their cousin a fantastic prom:

    My little cousin’s prom got cancelled due to Quarantine so we threw her a Quarantine Prom✨🍾🕺🏾🤩 *A Thread*

    2. This dad who transformed the kitchen into a steakhouse for a pre-prom meal:

    I have the best dad in the WORLD. Fr so today was suppose to be my sisters prom.. but since all this corona shit it didn’t happen. He surprised my sister with her OWN prom at home & he was her date 🥺🥰💓

    3. This adorable prom moment between dad and daughter:


    Since her Prom was cancelled. Her Dad took her to Prom 2020! ##prom ##promathome ##promdress ##withdad @emma.marie26

    ♬ original sound - twistedmelodiez

    4. And this dad who also went above and beyond:

    5. These sisters who made prom super special:

    had to make the best out of the situation we’re in, so we asked our sis to her senior year prom! ✨ #fuckrona #quarantineprom

    6. This super creative family who gave their daughter and her boyfriend a magical evening:

    7. This spectacular candlelit prom dinner:

    Family Prom night! (Sponsored by quarantine.)

    8. And this brilliant backyard prom:

    senior prom 2020.. but quarantine style🤍

    9. This guy, aka Brent Rivera, who threw his best friend a really amazing prom:


    Surprising my sister and Ben with a quarantine prom❤️ @benazelart @lexibrookerivera full video on YouTube😍

    ♬ original sound - brentrivera

    10. This entire family who had an elegant dinner when their daughter's prom was canceled:

    11. And this family who completely transformed their home for their daughter's prom:


    Nicole’s senior prom was cancelled, so we threw her a surprise prom. We love you so much!!💗 ##prom ##fyp ##foryou

    ♬ original sound - cat_usry16

    12. This couple who made the best of things:

    one day we will laugh about the prom we had in quarantine

    13. This living room that was completely transformed into a creative stay-at-home prom:

    Quarantine prom for my sister 🪐 #mhhsclass2022

    14. This creative and wholesome Zoom prom:

    Quarantine prom is better than no prom 🥺 glad I could work with Caroline to pull it off! #onwquaranprom @onwseniors2020

    15. This entire family who came together to make their daughter's senior year:

    16. These sisters who didn't let corona ruin their prom photoshoot:

    17. This wholesome parking lot prom:


    The took away our prom so we made our own🤷‍♀️ ##prom ##morp ##socialdistancing ##ripstick

    ♬ original sound - _snow_soph_

    18. This girl who made the best of things during prom season:

    19. And finally, these best friends who decided to have a quarantine prom together:

    So because of the corona virus my best friend and I didn’t get our prom so since I love her so much I decided to bring prom to her because we never got ours, I love you and I hope you enjoyed it🥰❤️ @clownassbri

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