These TikToks Showing Billions Of Cicadas Emerging After 17 Years Are High-Key Shudder-Inducing


    Ah, vaccination season. The opportunity to finally be outside with friends and — be swarmed by Brood X cicadas???

    In some parts of the United States, one particular type of cicada is hatching by the billions. Yes, billions. Brood X cicadas hatch every 17 years, and 2021 is that year. See @sarahsumsitup's video below for more detail:

    Friends, I'm sorry to report that they are here. And they are NOT PLAYING AROUND. As in, they are leaving their dead lil' bodies behind like it's nothing. Exhibit A: This TikTok by @mamabrightstar:

    @briehaydenart captured a tree in Northern Virginia FULL of cicadas: 


    A tree full of cicada exoskeletons

    I'M GOOD.

    Close-up of a body of a cicada found more that decided to just leave their lil' bodies behind:

    The 17-year cicadas have arrived. They look like they’re 1 million years old. #cicadas

    ♬ Scream - Horror Sound Effect - Ultimate Horror Sounds


    cicadas on a lamp post

    In all fairness, they seem intimidating because they're HUGE and there are literally billions of them swarming together — but @the.real.court.jester proves they're pretty dang chill:

    While it might *FEEL* like something out of a horror movie, they're not dangerous...

    ...even if the red eyes might hint otherwise.

    Close up of a red-eye cicada

    Anyway, the emergence is said to last between May and June, so they won't hang around forever!