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    Chris Stapleton Just Celebrated Winning Album Of The Year, The Birth Of His Twins, And His Birthday All In ONE Night

    Literal trifecta of good news.

    This is Chris Stapleton. To say he's having a pretty good night might be an understatement.


    He just won Album of the Year at the American Country Music awards, but unfortunately couldn't be in Las Vegas to accept this glowing achievement because not only is it his birthday, but his wife JUST birthed twins!

    RCA Studio A

    Reba delivered the update for everyone: "Chris, congratulations! But that's only the second biggest news. You know Chris couldn't be here because Morgan is expecting twins. We just found out that those little rascals came a little bit early. Twin boys!"


    Twitter decided nobody's night could top a night like Chris is having!

    Well not that he needs the money but @ChrisStapleton should buy a lotto today ticket today just for shits and giggles... #ACMwithTheBull

    Not sure a person can have a bigger day than #ChrisStapleton

    It's over! No one gonna have a better night than @ChrisStapleton! Congrats on 'em babies ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿ‘ถ

    Congrats on this amazing news, Chris!

    Congratulations to @ChrisStapleton who has won Album of the Year and just welcomed TWINS! #ACMawards

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