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31 Road Trips You Should Take If You're On A Budget

Get outta town.

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1. Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Instagram: @vocebo

Why go? If you're already planning a road trip to the Grand Canyon, drive a little further to Page, Arizona, and check out the beautiful landscape of Horseshoe Bend.

Cost: No entry fee. Enjoy the sights for free!

2. Big Bear Lake, Southern California

Instagram: @heeraly

Why go? Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some fresh mountain air and gorgeous nature. If you go during the winter, you might even see snow.

Cost: No cost to visit, but lodging and activities can be found here if you're planning on staying all weekend.


3. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Instagram: @arizonasbest

Why go? It's truly spectacular. And like Horseshoe Bend, it's relatively close to the Grand Canyon.

Cost: There's a $6 entry fee for entering Navajo land, and tours can run between $20–$40, depending on location and length.

4. Seven Magic Mountains, Nevada

Why go? It's a rad art installation to visit if you're looking to escape the city. Plus, it's only around for two years. Learn more about it here.

Cost: No entry fee. It's literally off the side of the road.

6. Hanging Lake Trial, Colorado

Why go? The trail is about a mile, but it's steep. So if you're game for a workout after the drive there, you're in luck. And you'll be rewarded with some incredible views.

Cost: Free!


7. Blanca Lake, Washington

Why go? If you're ready for an intense day with nature, this spot might be for you. Once you get there, it's about a 12-mile round-trip hike. But if you're game, it's SO worth it for the absolutely stunning views.

Cost: Free!


10. Jenny Lake, Wyoming

Instagram: @trendc

Why go? Enjoy fresh air and spectacular views on this fairly easy hike. Fair warning: The area is currently undergoing a renewal project, so access could be tricky throughout 2017. Read more here.

Cost: Access to the national park is $30 per vehicle.

11. Highline Trial, Montana

Why go? If the adventurer in you is looking for a scenic hike off the beaten path, this is the day trip for you. Be sure to start early, though. It's roughly a 12-mile journey, but well worth it.

Cost: Free!

13. Tioga Pass, Northern California

Why go? This pass way is en route to Yosemite, so it's great if you're on your way and still great even if you're not. There are so many amazing sights to see and many photo-op moments along the way.

Cost: Free!


16. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin

Why go? Yes, this is an island — but don't let that stop you from road tripping. There are easy transportation options to the island. The caves are breathtaking, and if you love being active then it's a perfect place to kayak.

Cost: Transportation fee to the island, unless you kayak and boat there on your own.


21. Lake Heartwell State Park, South Carolina

Instagram: @wv_jones

Why go? It's a great place to take a break along the 85 — and even take a dip if the weather is permitting. If you're into fishing, you're welcome to here.

Cost: Free!

23. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia and North Carolina

Why go? This long stretch is known as "America's Favorite Drive" and is incredibly scenic. There are also paths you can take if you're feeling antsy and want to get out of your car.

Cost: Free!


30. Bigelow State Park, Connecticut

Instagram: @whatmatterns

Why go? Breathtaking trails, areas to have a cookout, and gorgeous views of the water. A great place to enjoy nature no matter the season.

Cost: Seasonal and weekend parking fees, but free entry during the week.